Allison K. Clark | Graphic Design

Duvel Mastery Retail Sampling Campaign

Duvel Moortgat – parent company of Brewery Ommegang – produces one of the world’s most iconic Belgian beers: Duvel Golden Ale. To showcase its reputation as a master of the brewing arts, Duvel developed the “Mastery” campaign, and redesigned its labels to feature “handcrafted" woodcut imagery. I was asked to build off of this theme to design materials for Duvel Mastery’s in-store retail sampling campaign, which encourages consumers to pair Duvel beer with cheeses, charcuterie, and other high-quality foods. I designed posters, postcards, and retailer guidelines with hand-drawn food images (later vector illustrated with a Wacom Tablet), mimicking Mastery’s woodcut style. 

Duvel Mastery Elements.jpg
Mastery Food Pairing Postcard MockUp.jpg
Food Sketches.jpg
Mastery Food Poster MockUp.jpg